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Windy days

Windy day - Step-by-step

STEP 1 - On windy days the first thing we recommend is to make sure the ropes that are connected to the corners of the sun shade are nice and tight. Make sure the knots are really secure and not likely to slip when pulled hard. Re-tie if necessary.

STEP 2 - Fill the anchor bags as much as possible, really load them up - you can even bury them in the sand.

STEP 3 - Pull the bags out tight. The fabric is made to stretch! so don't be afraid to pull it tight. If you are on grass, stretch the fabric out tight and ensure the pegs are really secure.

STEP 4 - Position the poles so that the wind is flowing directly under the beach tent. ie the main open face points directly into the wind. You can angle the poles slightly to brace the force of the wind. On sand you can also dig a small hole to further support the poles.

STEP 5 - Adjust as necessary. The key is to make sure the fabric is tight and the bags/pegs have sufficient downforce to keep the poles secure.