"We wanted the best so we really did our research, we've been through over 20 prototypes to get this design right"

Designed for families

When we started Sun & The Beach our goal was simple. We wanted to design the ultimate beach tent for our family: Mum, Dad and 3 young (energetic) boys.

We'd had enough of ugly, claustrophobic, plastic domes that we simply couldn't get back in the bag and we didn't like the impractical umbrellas that weren't big enough for the whole family to get some shade. We sought something that was just a bit more versatile.

Not able to find what we wanted we came up with a design that was stylish, practical, protective, portable and a complete pleasure to use.

Our focus has been to make sure every moment you use our shade - from setting it up, to taking down and carrying it home - is enjoyable and simple.

"Our kids are fair and sometimes we just need to get them out the sun & let them cool off for a bit. In the past that usually meant leaving the beach but now we can stay out and actually love to sit on the beach in the shade."

Beyond convenient

The many included accessories make our shades a delight to use. We have considered everything: from the sturdy fold out shovel to help you fill your sand bags (and provide some additional fun for the kids), to the unique towel hook that attaches to the poles so you can hang a towel, hat, or whatever else you need to keep sand free and dry. And everything fits in the provided accessories bags to keep you organised.

To see a full llist of accessories click here.

"Everything we tried just seemed lacking - most options were too enclosed, blocking the view and even made you hotter, and don't get me started about trying to pack them back into their flimsy bags at the end of the day"

Easy to pack

At the end of a long day on the beach the last thing anyone wants to do is struggle packing up a tent. Our sun shade can be packed away in a few minutes: simply take the poles down, shake out the sand from anchor bags and fabric, then shove it all in the beach bag.

No need to roll or fold anything, you’ll be on your way in moments.


Great in the Wind

Our sun shades will comfortably outperform other beach tents and umbrellas in stronger winds - we’ve successfully used them on the beach in winds up to 25kmph. See our setup tips for more information

Light Weight

Our shades are incredibly light weight and practical. They are easy to carry - just 2.5kg and will fit in a carry on suitcase. All the parts and accessories fit neatly in the sturdy beach bag and there is still a little room if you need to also take a few other bits - wallet, keys, phone or a small bottle of water for example. 

Premium Fabrics

Our shades are a cut above the rest. Throughout our production we have insisted on using the best materials available. We use the highest grade UPF50+ stretch fabric with very sturdy triple overlock stitching to ensure the shade can handle the sun, wind and sand. Our poles and other premium accessories are also the best in class.

You simply will not find a better sun shade.

"These sun shades have completely transformed our days on the beach. All I can say is buy one! You definitely wont regret it..."

A Roomy Beach Base
Space for everyone

Our sun shades are a generous 2.5m X 2.5m so provide ample space for the whole family. No more fighting over who gets shade or taking it in turns. The design makes a great beach base that's super easy to spot from the line-up and also helps to mark your spot when it gets busy.

Home & Away

Our sun shade design is incredibly flexible. Not only can you use it on grass, sand and stone it's light weight design and flexible fixings means it can be attached to trees, fences, boats, awnings and just about anywhere else you can tie a piece of rope!

Cabanna Style

For even more stability and space grab an extra set of poles and set up the shade like a beach cabana (extra poles coming soon). This is also a great option for really windy days.

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